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Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common!

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Spotlight On Diversity Leadership


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Veterans Can Get Training for Green Jobs

While veterans as a whole have a lower unemployment rate than the rest of the nation, the 2.6 million troops who served in the years following 9/11 are having a much tougher time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), veterans 34 and under face a higher unemployment rate ...

Outwitting Discrimination: New Job Market Tactics for Women and Minorities

Looking for a job is challenging in a tight job market, but looking for a job when you’re female or a minority can be downright intimidating. Even though the recruitment of both groups is on the rise, most companies still have a long way to go before achieving parity.

How to Become a Cover Letter Writing Machine

Writing an excellent cover letter doesn’t have to be difficult—but it does take preparation and time. The good news? Once you have developed a stellar cover letter, you can use it as a template for multiple job applications. Step One: Create a Template …


Community Connections Diversity Partnership


Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common.
        Live Diversity every day!"

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Youth Employment Success
Jobs build character, self-esteem,
self confidence, and self-respect.

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New Employee Workplace Success - Online workshops combined with interactive workplace activities.

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Work-Life Balance

One Step at a Time

A popular topic for everyone. We all have more to do in our life and additional responsibilities at work too. The more we have to do, the

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Define Your Image

You and Your Image

Is your image important? You bet it is! Not just because it shapes first impressions of you by others, but also your own impression of

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Time Management

Manage Yourself First

Achieving success in life is NOT just about working hard. Instead it's about working "smart" and about simplifying your life to

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Make Connections

This buzz word is thrown about considerably now, both in terms of job hunting, business dev and as an important skill in life.

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